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BOURBON, Ground Coffee, Medium Roast, 340 grams

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Roasted - Packaged Coffee | code: 0009

Variety: Bourbon: Harvested between 1270 - 1650 m.a.s.l.

Mill Process: Honey (Honey): More than 75% of honey is conserved in the mill process. In order to preserve and transfered  the sugars present in the mucilage to the bean in the dry process and will be caramelized in the roasting process and improve the balance of flavors in the cup.

Flavor: It is a complex coffee in exotic flavors. In cup shows a fruity aroma, citric acidity similar to ripe orange; Flavors like nuts and ripe cherries. It has a very creamy textured body; With an intense, prolonged and pleasant after-taste.

Roast levels: It is offered in Medium Roast and Moderately Dark Roast. The medium roast highlights the sweet notes and citrus flavors of the variety. Moderately dark roasting produces more caramelized flavors and a creamier body as variety also allows.

Presentations (Ground or Whole Bean): 340 grams - 2 kilograms - 3 kilograms

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